Inter Africa Transport Forex, founded as a start-up in 2007, is a Mauritian based young and dynamic multi-national Financial Technology company in the Logistics Industry with a current footprint across 10 African countries that has significant growth potential and a vision to build a global company at a fast rate.

It specialises in online ordering and payment of fuel, cash pay-outs, road tolls, border payments, parking, insurance, mechanical and electronic payments, while receiving these services at more than 145 service points in Zambia, DRC, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Malawi and expanding. Transport Forex currently enables its more than 650 transportation company customers to order and pay online for all products, services and other expenses for more than 6000 active drivers on its platform that they may incur on their transport route, safely and conveniently.

It combines market-leading online and call-centre channels together with on the ground solutions to meet the practical realities of the Logistics Industry, especially transportation and more specifically cross-border transport on the African continent at this stage.

Transport Forex has a well-known shareholder in ECP Investments, who is one of the largest and longest-established private equity fund managers focused on Africa and has invested over $3.2bil in more than 60 companies across 44 countries over more than 17 years. See ECP Investments for more info.

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  • Order foreign currency as cash pay-outs to your company representatives
  • Order fuel
  • Monitored progress by tracking when foreign currency, fuel or any other product is collected
  • Limit fuel weight with frequent top-ups along your route
  • Emergency cash for repairs or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Salary payments for drivers in cash en route
  • Services payments like workshops and tow trucks en route
  • Access updated exchange rates, historic transactions and the balance of your account
  • Monitor orders status until completion
  • View all historic transactions
  • Issue drivers with a USD debit card to be used in Zimbabwe or a ZMW debit card to be used in Zambia
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