We have added several enhancements to the system. Below is a list of the most significant changes and enhancements we have done.

New User Interface and Responsive Design

We have revamped the user interface completely in order to make it quicker and easier for you to place orders and create trips.

The website is now responsive. This allows you to access the website from your smart phone or tablet and the website will adapt to your device making it easier to navigate and access the information that you require.

Transport Forex responsive screenshot


You can now create trips. A trip is a quick and easy way for you to create multiple orders at the same time.

You can also recreate an existing trip. This will pre-populate all the data for you based on the trip that you have selected.

You can change any of the information and save it as a new trip

Once a trip has been created the driver will have a single order reference to use at the different collection offices. At each collection office he will enter the new trip reference number and he will be able to collect the order for that specific collection office.

single order reference Trip View

Additional Users

You can now create and manage your own user accounts.

You can create additional users and set access rights for each user account.

This will give you full control over what each user can view, create, update and delete.

User section


You now have the functionality to link both a driver and a truck to an order or trip.

This provides more flexibility in terms of future reporting as well as more details that can be added to the order confirmation.

We will be adding some advanced reporting functionality to the truck and driver section in the near future.

Trucks section